Fair Shipping Costs

Benny Bear shipped with the product package services, including Deutsche Post AG and DPD. The delivery cost was determined as follows:

Delivery time is about 1-2 business days in Germany

Shipping costs for Germany:

up to 27kg 4,95 Euro incl. VAT.


Delivery to other countries about 3 - 5 business days

Shipping costs for Austria, BE, LU, NL:

to 4.5 kg
8,10 EUR incl. VAT.
to 9.5 kg
9,90 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 18 kg
14,30 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 26 kg
17,00 EUR incl. VAT.
Shipping costs for FR, GB, IT, MC, SI:

up to 4 kg
14,30 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 12 kg
17,40 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 20 kg
22,70 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 28 kg
26,50 EUR incl. VAT.
DHL - shipping costs for up to 2kg Switzerland, LI:

to 2 kg
13,90 EUR incl. VAT.
DPD - Free Shipping (inkl.Zollgebühr) for Switzerland, LI:

up to 4 kg
26,50 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 14 kg
30.00 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 20 kg
33,00 EUR incl. VAT.
up to 28 kg
36,00 EUR incl. VAT.
(Except the islands - here customer shall bear the actual shipping cost)


Delivery to other countries:

Please contact this regard in advance with us. Surely we can find a way to deliver your order in your country.

In exceptional cases we have a higher lump sum. This is reported accordingly. If for technical or logistical reasons, it is a dispatch in several stages, we will charge the shipping fee only once.

Transport damage

The transport risk shall bennybaer.de. If goods arrive with you damaged during transport, please use the free Withdrawal (see info obligation). Consists of the product of several individual parts, so please make prior to returning again the delivery status here and use - where possible - the original packaging. For technical equipment please include all warranty and service documents.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.